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Jan 12, 2013 6:00pm EST
two republicans, george bush and bob dole, and four democrats, who were michael dukakis, gary hart, joe biden and dick gephardt. c-span: you mention in the opening that jesse jackson just didn't quite make the cut. how come? >> guest: my final criteria for the list of guys that i profiled was that i wanted the people who got to the point where they made that last turn in the road, where they thought to themselves, "not only should i be president, i'm going to be president. it's going to happen to me." when i saw jesse making that turn finally and for one brief week, it was after the michigan caucuses and everybody in the world wanted jesse. so i couldn't slow him down long enough to give him a sense of the help that would be required so much of the story in this book is internal, from behind the candidates eyes, that it really couldn't be done without their help. so when i couldn't get that kind of help from jesse, i decided that it was better to leave him out and preserve the level of the book, rather than write about somebody that i didn't know as well. c-span: it's how many page
Jan 5, 2013 1:00pm EST
chapter and say here at the lessons across all the presidencies. again from roosevelt to george w. bush. lesson number one is move fast. the concluding snippet at the lesson goes like this, the day after the election said they hoped the kaiser turns to president-elect of the semester or not to president-elect, hurry up, were almost out of time. when you win an election for a very brief moment you have this enormous amount of capital. you say f. he singled day and most presidents forget that. they say that people have selected me. that means they selected my agenda and that's true. for six months the agenda will dominate washington. after month seven was someone talking about? everybody's running for the midterm and all the u. k. this gone. some presidents get this. johnson got it, george w. bush got it. he was very, very shrewd about creeping things through and we believe barack obama got it partially because he had read the research. we have reason to believe he orale spacers that this boat and moved quickly. so imagine there is some feeling in the industry should to put health care of
Jan 6, 2013 6:00pm EST
across all of the presidencies, again, from roosevelt to george w. bush and a series of lessons. lesson number one is moved fast. the concluding snippet of the lesson goes like this, the day after the election is savvy health adviser to announce to the president-elect and says mr. or madame president, triet we are almost out of time. when you win an election for a very brief moment, you have to see enormous amount of capital. that capital you lose that capital every single day and most presidents come into office and forget that. they think the people were chosen for the people that selected me that means they selected my agenda and that's true for about six months that agenda will dominate washington. after about july of the first year what's everybody talking about? the midterm election. everybody's running for the midterm and all the capital that you gained is gone. some presidents get this. johnson got it, george w. bush got it, she was very, very shrewd about cramming things through, and we believe the barack obama got it partially because she dragged the research. we have reason t
Jan 7, 2013 6:00pm PST
figure. he had served as chief of staff to george tenet when george tenet under george bush developed their torture and secret prison program. john brennan's association with the torture and secret prison program of the george bush era of the cia is what sunk his chances for being picked as director of the cia at the start of the obama presidency. it's kind of weird. it's almost a con foreign concept in american modern politics that the left might block something from happening, but it's true. liberals thought obama stopping the torture program wasn't enough. that people tarred by association with that program should not be promoted, that there should be political accountability for people who were close to the torture policy. liberals raised enough noise about john brennan's potential nomination to run the cia in 2008 and 2009 that it never happened. at least it never happened in the first obama term. now it is happening in the second obama term. now apparently with the official nomination of john brennan to lead the cia today, now apparently we know that the white house has decided
FOX Business
Jan 20, 2013 1:30am EST
george bush-- >> and you learn. >> can you imagine george bush having a symposium, why it's-- on how to cover the iraq war or something? this is so-- >>, but the administration did try it clarify that all the evidence it had at the time showed there were weapons of mass destruction, and meeting with forums of journalists trying to make clear there wasn't-- >> and a hostile thing and-- >> is there any difference here, charles payne? >> there is a difference because i happen to think that when they go into the room that adam is talking about, not only the presenters will be advocates and so will the participants. >> the secret service agents and-- >> media, because they're in with obama, and we've come so far, every magazine, every newspaper i see, they've come out of the chos set on anti-capitalism, anti-republican, anti-god. they were the-- >> no, no, adam. >> and it's so bad. >> a lot of this is part of being a journalist, you have to know if you're being spun. how many times has-- >> how many times, i don't know, there are plenty of really good journalists out there, the lance arms
Jan 7, 2013 6:30pm PST
estados unidos, sino de mÉxico. y lleva mes y medio hospitalizado george bush padre y aÚn los doctores no le dan salida. >>> las noticias y la informaciÓn no terminan aquÍ, mantÉngase conectado a univisiÓn [ locutor ] ven a tu subway local y prueba el big hot pastrami melt. un sándwich perfeccionado -- lleno de jugosito pastrami, mostaza amarilla, queso derretido, y lo que tú quieras. disfrútalo hoy en tu pan favorito recién horneado -- en tu subway local! subway. come sabroso y fresco. ♪ ♪ >>> el sospechoso de masacrar a doce personas en colorado fue a la corte. preguntan si debe ser llevado a corte justo cuando hablan del recorte de armas. >>> en la audiencia preliminar no se permitieron cÁmaras, pero decenas fueron a la corte para verle la cara. holmes es responsabilizado por la masacre en colorado. la audiencia comenzÓ con dos policÍas hablando del caos. y dijo que la gente salÍa gritando. y el otro oficial recordÓ ver un rastro de sangre, y dijo que homes no se resistiÓ. tambiÉn dijo que el sospechoso parecÍa estar relajado y muy indiferente. >>> la corte no de
Jan 15, 2013 12:00am PST
, that isssein different from george bush. somebody who has a grandmother who lives in a village in africa without running water and heat. and without indoor plumbing. a village that has been devastated by h.i.v.-aids. when i go to africa and i am not speaking as based on what i have read or what i hear in the hearing or what i have seen visiting the ambassador 'presidents in nairobi, i am speaking from experience. when i speak about issues facing the inner-city, i am not looking at it from a distance. i am speaking from somebody who has worked in public housing projects and dealt with trying to find sex felons a better life for themselves. - ex felons a better life for themselves. tavis: people do not really like hillary clinton. one could argue that dig deep in the numbers, people really do not like hillary in the numbers suggest that she is not the most electable democrat. with two or three people on the other side. what do you make of that? >> the question is can we get beyond the gridlock that we experienced during the 1990's? who was in the best position to point forward? part of the
Jan 20, 2013 12:30pm EST
to an interview we conducted on december 18, 2008 with outgoing president george w. bush. his words on being a unita, not a divider. -- uniter, not a divider. listen to what he said, also his body language. [video clip] >> you said, i am optimistic washington. i believe things happen for a reason. >> that was a hopeful person saying that. >> are you less hopeful? >> we work together, there were -- the tone changed some initially. we had no child left behind. some bipartisan accomplishmentssome people here in this town agenda. should. and it did not happen. terms. guest: president obama has said things better very similar. -- that are very similar. it is not just about washington. broader culture. we live in a polarized culture. we live in a culture that celebrates -- notoriety is the quickest ticket to 15 minutes in the 24 hour news cycle. you get noticed the more outrageous things you say, whether it is talk radio or print or on the web. the other enormous difference that contributes to this -- i do not know how you reverse it. except over time. 50 years ago, you had two political parties t
Jan 21, 2013 11:15am EST
of the sitting president or the public was not over enchanted with the war in iraq when george w. bush ran for reelection. against john kerry, but voters by a small margin seen to believed bush would be the better leader. it cannot be said that the vote reflected a favorable referendum on george w. bush's first term. the importance of the communication skills of a candidate cannot be discounted as a factor, however. but all of this misses a different evaluation that merits being taken into account in judging between an income, barack obama, and his challenger, mitt romney. that is the chinks of the second term on too many presidents. 27 of 19 presidents -- only seven of 19 presidents elected to a second term avoid having a troubled or failed second term. that would give the country about a 30% chance of obama and the nation experiencing an improved security of economic climate. after four years if obama is reelected. i do not suggest that the gamble should not be taken. simply, that history into playing with politics might give us pause. so what does history predicted about a second term f
FOX News
Jan 21, 2013 9:00am EST
that divisive battle in tallahassee, florida, between al gore and george bush, i remember the rains pouring undo on the streets of washington, d.c. four years later. it was the freedom speech with george bush 43 starting his second term. it was a cold, cold day but he was setting out what he believed the transformation for the rest of the world and democracy would prevail. the four years ago, the gentleman from louisiana crystalized for me the moment and for millions to watch that. we'll see what moment comes today. that's why we're here in washington. we await that. martha: we talked moments ago to neil cavuto. he will cover all today's events for fox business network. starting 11:00 a.m. he will be live from lafayette park. you can always watch neil at 4:00 p.m. on "your world" from fox news channel. bill: he will have a busy four years on the fox business network, covering debt and deficit and how we get out of this mess. stay tuned for that. the white house is vowing to take a mosh bipartisan approach the next five years. will that work and will that happen? karl rove addresses that. he work
Jan 28, 2013 7:00pm PST
in the republican party? >> it is an eight-year journey, the high point was when george bush got 44% of the hispanic vote, 53% for kerry, and karl rove said they were then going to move on comprehensive immigration reform and they were going to cement hispanics, or a large chunk of that hispanics, as sort of what rove called the republican majority. it was not just john mccain, it was the republican primary in 2008. you remember john mccain came into that, the guy who would finish second to bush in 2000. this was going to be john mccain's nomination in 2008. and his campaign practically implodedded. he linked the immigration reform bill to ted kennedy. it became totally off limits in republican primaries. and yes, you are now seeing a return to normalsy, a guy like john mccain, and graham, they still come out supporting it. i think it is an open question, when you look at the republican safe house districts is it still safe for these people to come out and say they support comprehensive reform? i still think it is an open question. >> victoria, take us through the elements of the plan, the democrats
Jan 28, 2013 10:00pm PST
're seeing in john mccain, for example, is a very strange wandering, like george bush, living in the border state, arizona, texas, having experienced, being much more liberal on immigration. then when he is running for a senate seat, he becomes a thoughtless republican, talking about building a dang fence. isn't john mccain's travels a road map of how things have gone very strange in the republican party? >> it is an eight-year journey, the high point was when george bush got 44% of the hispanic vote, 53% for kerry, and karl rove said they were then going to move on comprehensive immigration reform and they were going to cement hispanics, or a large chunk of that hispanics, as sort of what rove called the republican majority. it was not just john mccain, it was the republican primary in 2008. you remember john mccain came into that, the guy who would finish second to bush in 2000. this was going to be john mccain's nomination in 2008. and his campaign practically imploded. he linked the immigration reform bill to ted kennedy. it became totally off limits in republican primaries. and yes, yo
Jan 20, 2013 3:00pm PST
cain is a senator. john kerry who lost to george bush is a senator. al gore who lost, remember that just a little bit in 2000, he was the vice president, so he had to be there. and one other interesting note is that speaking of bush, george w. bush and george h.w. bush, father and son, neither will be here. george 41, the older, was in the hospital. he was just released. the younger said that he is not coming because he wants to be with his father. we know, covering george bush, he likes to stay low-key, and this is not the kind of thing that he likes to come to for lots of reasons. last time he was here when he was departing the white house, it was mixed when you look at the public perception and the public reaction to it. but i think that, you know, he likes to stay out of the limelight even at traditional events like this. >> think about it. george h.w. bush was here for both reagan inaugurals, then his own inaugural, bill clinton's inaugural. i'm not sure we had a bush at the second inaugural. both were governors. the bush name has been around a lot. >> since 1997. >> and that clinton name. >
FOX News
Jan 25, 2013 2:00pm PST
. >> greg: this has to remind you. you must have a highlight reel of this when you worked with george bush. >> opposite. >> the reporters talk a big game in locker room. i'll ask this. when i was a deputy press secretary i used to be the eyes and the ears for the press secretary. i would be with reporters all the time on press plane and listening to them and hear what they would say. one could not stand the way that president bush said, "god bless america." it drove him crazy and he would mock him. he is a major anchor now. you know who you are. >> greg: does it rhyme with brian williams? >> dana: no. >> greg: does it rhyme -- >> dana: no. president bush did like them. he had respect for them. what happened to the reporters in the presence of president obama happened to me once as well. in 2006, i sat across the table from him. we had fun and laughed for hours. then they came to the cabinet room to meet with president bush. i was the last one in the room and i went to stick out my hand and introduce myself. he said oh, no, i remember you, dana perino. that was my favorite night in all of w
Jan 9, 2013 5:00pm PST
's the way things have worked in presidential second terms. if you remember george bush was very ineffective in his last two years in the white house. bill clinton was wrapped up very much with the monica lewinsky scandal, so he had extend extenuating circumstances, and they're fighting some fights that they hope they can win. the chuck hagel nomination is a fight that they hope they can win. winning can beget winning. they'll have a big fight over the debt ceiling and these are fights that could blow up. the president will be more combative with republicans than thethe conciliatory let's all find a solution we can agree on. >> john: so we won't be compromising on his compromised compromises. you wrote, the best way to get what he wants his staff says, is to create pressure from the outside through campaign-style events like the one he staged in during the fiscal cliff negotiations. have we ever seen a president campaign with tons of cheering middle class folks behind him in iowa, have we ever tried that to get things moved across the aisle in the second term? >> i think not the way we're go
Jan 21, 2013 10:15pm EST
something that george bush would come up with. [laughter] but there are some wonderful things and of course probably on the seedier side and i am relying on the oxford english dictionary to tell you this but they have popular verb to shag is credited to thomas jefferson and one of his diaries. does not appear in any slang dictionary for another 30 years. again i am using the be-all and end-all for there early nailing down when the word was created. austin powers -- you can tell by the way that i have a lot of smart -- the other challenge was looking at how this progress then you can look at your residence and see who really was clever. clever. who was reportedly clever and who is the smartest. along the way there was president johnson first president johnson was the first one to come up with the phrase and the concept of racial discrimination. the first time discrimination had been used in a distinction between race and religion etc.. as opposed to judging the size of eggs and being discriminate so by giving it a name, by giving it a name that started to have its own life. the ability of a
Jan 22, 2013 11:00pm PST
these democrats floating around. >> i've been very puzzled why george bush, he went to bed at 9:30 but you could do a lot of before 9:30 if you needed to. you don't have to have long endless dinners but you do have to have people in and out of house. george h.w. bush took a polaroid camera and have congressmen sit on the lincoln bedroom and take a picture of it knowing no congressman was going to throw away a picture taken by the president of the united states. does it lead immediately to post partisan hall hall awe, absolutely not. the politics is about giving as well as taking. what is practicable must control what is pure theory and the president charlie your question's exactly right, i do think this president continues to think and overly theoretical ways about how he speeds his time. >> rose: i want to come to the legacy of the question of of course and equality and declining standard of living. jon meacham in we make the case ronald ronald reagan was a great president what makes him a great president. >> i think what made ronald reagan a great president is his life experience as a union n
FOX News
Jan 20, 2013 8:00am PST
made a gift to the president of the united states, starting with the first george bush, which is not surprising. he very good taste. >> there you go. chuck schumer complimenting a bush, gives you a sense of a lighter mood. we expect everybody to be in a pretty good mood the next 24, to 36 hours and then we expect they will beat each other's brains out over debt, spending and other crisis on tuesday. >> lovely. >> we will talk about the memory memories from inaugurations past. a couple of veteran reporters. brit hume and "fox news sunday" host, chris wallace. what are your thoughts? >> well, i notice that miss america, who has been invite to this inaugural has said she won't come because it's going to be too cold t. made me think of the first inaugural i attended, which was 1953. i was a 9-year-old -- no kidding. >> god, you're old. >> no kidding. >> all i can remember is that a fourth grader in the stands on pennsylvania avenue, i remember nothing about what the president said. i remember nothing about the parade. i remember one thing and one thing only -- it was freezing. >>
Jan 1, 2013 9:00pm EST
of the air you have 365. i'm george bush. [laughter] read, read, read, try not to imitate some analysis style. try to develop your own style company roadways. >> hayek, fan, big reader. bear with me. i get nervous. for the witch and wizard series, while i do love the characters, you give us a little bit i remember in the last book you gave us a little insight -- >> @. it may seem goofy, but the sound is okay. >> you gave insight on the one who is the one and i wonder you're ever going to listen a full history because i'm a little curious about them. >> yeah, as we continue, we'll get a little more. how many have you vetted the series? >> how many books in the series? >> how many have the right of the series? as you read more, you'll get more about the one who is the one. >> okay, thank you. >> hi, i was just wondering. i read where the wind and i was wondering where you got the idea? >> the whole idea is a wonderful fantasy, i always had this fantasy and i remember to see both southeast association and they had it somewhere in the swamps in georgia and the marshlands. i saw some birds that ar
Jan 18, 2013 8:00pm PST
we've had leading up to the inauguration and the example we will have afterwards. george w. bush even holding the liberty bell. but he although george bush was a divisive president in his second term, he talked about the international ball which is in retrispect which is spreading freedom in the midded east. but at least he had a big grand national cause that he could call the nation 2r50. how this president speaks to coming mon purpose -- >> i think this was a pupil that came out the other day. said, this coming year do you think that republicans and democrats will work together to solve problems? they could come together. today it's 23%. gwen: they were paying attention. >> there's -- those are hopeless romantics. >> they are. i give them credit for this. >> you ask conservative republicans do you think that elected officials should compromise or stick to their principles? >> 60% said stick to pinspls. 60% -- says compromise. >> what are -- assuming that the 23% are right, what are the second term priorities the president is now. -- it's not a state of the union speech. but he's goi
Jan 11, 2013 7:30pm PST
in the backroom deals -- >> even movements can be cloistered. i remember a dinner during the george w. bush administration in southern california. it was norman lear and his wife, larry david, bob scheer. they were sitting around w eeping in their expensive soup about the fact that we were living in hell. rupert murdoch on the media. george bush was president. norman lear had his pulse on american culture for 30 years. why cannot figure out how to deal -- deliver a message that is important and happening? >> that is important. we can find messages that speak to people where they are. they can also have some satire like stewart or colbert. there is the idea of exposing with satire. it opens people's eyes to the hypocrisy and corruption of our politics. the problem is you want the captivating stories and images and vocabulary, but a lot of the colbert-stewart stuff is so absurd and over the top that people do not want to get engaged. >> that is where a large number of people get their news. >> i think the obama campaign was a pivotal point, bringing people in. now they leave. there is the pos
Jan 19, 2013 3:00pm EST
to play around with language. presidents do get in trouble. i'm not even going to mention george bush. but the biggest is probably teddy roosevelt who writes a letter to the head of the english department at harvard university. and that created its own thing. quite articulate and comes up with some domino theory type words. in his second novel, he said before we can finalize our plans, and the word finalize with such a discordant tone. there were editorials all over the country, people wringing their hands, there was a special column defending eisenhower were creating this verb. they hadn't even heard prioritize yet. it was the same resort of reaction. counterproductive was another one. the first example they can find is counterproductive, which sounds like a military term, once well untrammeled someone within war room. i'm building up to who i think is the king of them all. but lyndon johnson he picked up a couple. again, i'm using every thing i can find. pressing the flesh was a johnson is on. lady byrd johnson comes up with motorcade. it's picked up by time magazine. there was no e
Jan 27, 2013 6:00pm EST
, not that george bush hasn't been great. but that ronald reagan because he lowered taxes and made it easier for the women to work and make money was a boon to women and in that sense i think that you can have all of your sort of pet interests and there's a lot of rent seeking when groups out there that are looking to be heard but really it comes down to a limited government, lowering taxes, getting work a lot easier, saving and earning money a lot easier. these are principles that i think we really clanged above others. >> if i might add i think respect for tradition also is something else. we are by now familiar and nauseated by the word change, but i think respect for tradition isn't something that we as conservatives shy away from. it doesn't mean that change is never a good thing but i think that respect for tradition is something that is important to conservatives. i think that's why a lot of conservatives tend to be religious. i think that conservatives also tend to look at the world through a morrill who lends where there is good and there is evil. there has to be some hostile questi
FOX News
Jan 20, 2013 12:00pm PST
-show in george h.bush's inauguration. a lot of people have left d.c. to get away for a few days. >> arthel: thank you so much. >> eric: after four years of partisan bickering, what tone should the president strike when he speaks tomorrow? andy card acting dean at bush school at texas a&m university, good to see you. how are you? >> great to be with you, eric. >> eric: you are not in washington and what can we expect during the speech tomorrow? >> first of all, inauguration igsz are very significant and very important. think about it. this is celebration of our constitution. you've got article one, congress inviting article 2, the president, to come and take the oath of office from article three the chief justice of the supreme court. it's a great time to celebrate the constitution. however, i do say that the tone will be different from what he practiced during his first term. his first term was centered around a one letter word "i" -- an "i" term for barack obama. i hope it will be we've got to solve these problems to go. i'm not talking about we in yes, we can, but congress has to work with the
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,547 (some duplicates have been removed)